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About me

Putting people first. Always.


André dos Santos moved to Barcelona in 2006 after degreeing Organization Psychology in Lisbon. In 2008 he started recruiting Europe wide and within the Tech sector. Since then, he kept developing his sourcing and recruitment skills among the digital industry. Around 2015 he embraced the solo adventure, advising and growing start-ups. In the meantime, his activism took him to co-organize the Barcelona and Madrid Recruitment MeetUp groups and co-founding the Hired!BCN Conference. 


"Whatever I'm involved with, my happiness only depends on the candidate's happiness."



Head Hunting

If you need help hiring talent, I'll start sharpen my weapons.

In-house recruitment

In case you need me to spend several weeks/months on a specific project, I'll adapt to be part of your team or act as the only recruitment role inside your company.


Let me know what type of needs you or your team need in terms of sourcing, talent acquisition tools or recruitment architecture. 

Recruitment MeetUp

Co-Organizing both Madrid and Barcelona recruitment meetups along with my good colleague Dani Martos.


Co-founded the first Sourcing and Recruitment Conference in Southern Europe. So far, 2018 and 2019 were a blast!

Recruitment Slack channel in Spain

Please send us an email to and we'll add you.

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